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Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The Oscillator which installed into the bottom of water reservoir vibrates the water at high frequency wave and sprays the generated mist.
Ultrasonic humidifier has high ability to keep the low temperature because it takes away the latent heat when mist evaporates.
Not only humidifies the room, but also reduce the room temperature which reducing load of refrigerating equipment and economizes the running cost as a result.
UCAN ultrasonic humidifier comes with germicidal device to realize the hygiene humidification.
We have a large number of products line up to meet the various applications. Please see the product list if you want to see all of them.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-S UVSV series Green Mister

Ultrasonic humidifier for open showcase and salad bar of green goods and raw fishes.
It supplies ample mist to every corner of the showcases to keep freshness and reduces distress goods.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-F UVSV series

Ultrasonic humidifier deals with wide range applications from backyard in supermarket to large-scaled refrigerated storage. It keeps freshness and asset value from moisture loss caused by operating refrigerator. Also suitable for printed factory and mushroom growing facility.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-N UVSV series

Ultrasonic humidifier for small space 3 to 9.0 m2.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-40FSC1UV

Ideal model for flat type open showcase and ice-filled show case.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-WUVSV series

Wall-mounted type ultrasonic humidifier that can be used for industry as well as human A/C.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-P/PD UVSV series

Ultrasonic humidifier designed to build into air-conditioning units like Air handing unit and in duct.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-SN UVSV series

Ultrasonic humidifier for small type open showcase.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-C UVSV series

Ultrasonic humidifier for humidifying through partition.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-M43 Kiripet booster

Portable type ultrasonic humidifier.

Ultrasonic humidifier FT-M20UV

Portable type ultrasonic humidifier with flexible nozzles.

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