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Ultrasonic humidifier FT-F UVSV series

Ultrasonic humidifier deals with wide range applications from backyard in supermarket to large-scaled refrigerated storage. It keeps freshness and asset value from moisture loss caused by operating refrigerator. Also suitable for printed factory and mushroom growing facility.


Humidity capacity are from 1 to 12 liter/hour and we have wide range of 8 models. Either On/Off control or optional proportional control is applicable. Evaporative mist lowers the surrounding air temperature, allowing energy saving humidification.

  • Ideal for humidifying in the refrigerators and places with high temperature as cooling effect.
  • Powerful drip-proof air blower to blow fine mist far away and humidifies the entire interior.
  • Main unit can be dismantled without any tool, so easy to clean the water reservoir and air filter.
  • Comes with the germicidal device by UV lamp and drainage solenoid valve to enhance the hygiene humidification. For regular drain system, optional timer is available.
  • Various options to meet special issues. EX: anti-freezing, moisture-resistant in high humidity environment, proportional control system, low temperature room for rice, etc.

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