Corporate information Corporate Mission Statements

Cooperate Mission Statements

  1. As a specialized manufacturer of industrial humidifiers and air conditioning peripherals, we UCAN manufacture the products required by the market.
  2. We create good products and make our customers satisfied and happy to purchase a lot.
  3. The profits obtained will enrich the lives of all employees and contribute to the prosperity of the local community.
  4. We do business with our business partners in a spirit of mutual benefit.
  5. We will pay appropriate taxes, pay dividends to shareholders, and strive to enhance our equity capital.
  6. We always follow the right path.
  7. We aim to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy and world peace in some way.

Company Credo

We UCAN aim to develop and manufacture the world-class products.
We work to foster our people to play on a global stage.
With these, we aspire ourselves to be sincere cooperate and be trusted by our company

Company Principle

Employee shall act in accordance with the company credo.