UCAN’s Strength

As a specialized manufacturer of industrial humidifiers and air conditioning peripherals,
we UCAN have been developing many uniquely and innovative products, which had not found in other makers.
Mainly through air conditioning by humidification, we support the living infrastructure such as realizing a healthy
and comfortable environment and maintaining the freshness of agricultural products.
We specialize in flexible supports that meet the needs of our customers

Development of Unique Technology

UCAN’s unique technology is incorporated into each of products, which offers
the user-friendliness and safety to users.

Steam Humidifier

We have developed a PTC immersion heater that has a high-power, fire-free self-temperature control function to replace the conventional nichrome wire heater, and is developing for the usage in humidifier as PTC steam humidifier. We have made it possible only in Japan to install a steam humidifier in the ceiling, which was difficult until now.

Evaporative Humidifier

The evaporative element (called wet film and media) UC-CORE, which is the main component of the evaporative humidifier, has a laminated structure with strong shape retention and resistance to damage. There is no porous material that takes in odors, and antibacterial and antifungal treatment materials are used that have a low risk of odor generation.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Our ultrasonic humidifiers have double hygiene system called “germicidal device”, which guarantees the absolute safety. We have incorporated the ultraviolet lamp in the water reservoir of ultrasonic humidifier. It is absolutely possible to send out the sterilized air. It exterminates bacteria effectively inside the water of the reservoir by radiation of ultraviolet ray. Furthermore our ultrasonic humidifier is equipped with the automatic drainage system when the unit turns off the power. Its capability to send out the clean humidified air has experimentally recognized.
It has been proven safe in public institutions and is especially effective when used in food-related fields and for human A/C. In addition, the proportional control system was also put into practical use for the first time in the industry.

Vacuum-suction drainage system

Drainage vacuum suction device "Drain Sweeper" is a breakthrough device that uses vacuum to "suck" the drain from the air conditioner without concerning about the gradient. It dramatically shortens the drain piping work of air conditioners, and there is no water leakage or large-scale piping cleaning.

Wide Variety of Product Line Up

We handle three types of humidification methods: steam type, evaporative type and ultrasonic type humidifiers.
We respond to client’s needs with a wide range of products and expand the range through development and improvement.

Steam Humidifier

Steam humidifiers include PTC steam humidifiers, resistive type and steam to steam (indirect) type humidifier.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

There are 10 types of product line up for wide-variety applications. We offer the suitable model according to the installation place and required humidity capacity, etc.

Evaporative Humidifier

We deal with evaporative type humidifiers such as ceiling cassette type, chamber type that saves labor on site construction, and custom-made for various air conditioners (such as air handling unit, all-in-type A/C etc).

Trust Manufacture by Craftmanship

From soldering to packing, all manufacturing process are made in Japan at our factory in Tokyo.

Product quality is highly evaluated in both Japan and over sea’s clients.

In order to use it for a longer period of time, we devote with great care to manufacture one by one, the entire process from manufacturing to the final shipping test.

Global Operations

UCAN exports to about 30 countries and regions.

We have exhibited at the largest HVAC exhibitions in Japan and overseas and have dealers in Europe, Asia and ASEAN countries.

Our “Made in Japan” quality, we have high praise from users.

We have received high praise from users regarding the quality of Made in Japan.