Steam Humidifiers

It is now common knowledge that use of steam is the best way to humidify the human living environment.
Steam humidification is germless, odorless, and dustless besides it helps to keep the body warm to the core because it does not lower the room temperature.

PTC Steam Humidifiers

It has a self-temperature control function, and it becomes difficult for current to flow when it is heated empty.
It uses a ceramic heater (PTC submersible heater) that does not have to worry about fire.
Fast time until boiling compared to the Nichrome wire heater, and does not have a disconnection.
It has made it possible to install a steam humidifier in the ceiling, which was originally difficult with electric heaters.
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Steam to Steam Humidifiers

Water is boiled and humidified by the heat of steam supplied from the boiler.
Unlike electric heaters, it consumes less power and does not have to worry about fire.
It takes a short time to start up and supports a large amount of humidification.


Resistive Steam Humidifier

Water is boiled using a sheathed heater to generate steam.
It has excellent humidification controllability and responsiveness, and can respond to precise humidification requirements by proportional control.


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