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PTC steam humidifier JA1-W series

PTC steam humidifier that is attached to a ceiling cassette type air conditioner and humidifies by inserting a nozzle.


Ideal humidification system that combines A/C with humidifier by inserting the steam nozzle into the A/C unit.

  • High safety PTC immersion heaters is installed, that cause no fear of fire breaking out.
  • It is the room direct-humidification type with the cassette type A/C. It can perform effective humidification in high efficiency and the design preserves space and appearance.
  • It operates by interlocking system with A/C or the signal from indoor humidistat.
  • Quiet operational sound without using the fan.
  • Ideal A/C system. Indoor humidity and air-conditioning are controlled by just one A/C unit.
  • Please ask us about the combination your A/C with JA1-W series.

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