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Ceiling-Installed Cassette type PTC steam humidifier UC-TJ series UC-TJ1000N

Cassette type PTC steam humidifier with air cleaning system.


    Independent driving ceiling cassette type PTC steam humidifier. 

    It diffuses the steam which produced by PTC immersion heater and blows through built-in fans. 

    • High safety PTC immersion heaters is installed.
    • For independently direct room interior humidification. Direct humidifying type makes effective humidification possible.
    • Ceiling-mounted cassette-type design preserves space and appearance.
    • Clean, hygienic and comfortable steam humidification by boiling water. It is suitable for hospitals and elder care facilities.
    • Air purified system by Nano-E technology is standard equipment.*
    • Use of purified water makes maintenance cycle work reduce. It produces less scale.
    • Max. 9 number of units operation can be controlled independently by one remote controller (UC smart remote controller).
    • Water shutoff valve prevents the accidents such as leakage.
    • Equipped with drainage pumps that makes plumbing work easily.
    • Slide latch system makes the water reservoir remove easily. It supports to start maintenance work quickly.
    • Face panel is stylish shape made of resin.

    (*Nano-E is the trademark registration of Panasonic’s) 

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