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Ultrasonic humidifier FT-S UVSV series Green Mister

Ultrasonic humidifier for open showcase and salad bar of green goods and raw fishes.
It supplies ample mist to every corner of the showcases to keep freshness and reduces distress goods.


  • Installed in the open showcase, it contributes to prevent the loss and wilting of vegetables and fruits and to maintain the freshness of raw fish.
  • By inserting a duct hose into the open showcase, a fine mist is placed on the circulating air to humidify it. It can also be used for flat showcases.
  • Brings the visual effects to appeal the product freshness to the buyers.
  • Bypass structure that prevents cold air from being trapped inside the showcase even when humidification is stopped.
  • SC1 type has a mist volume controller, and the spray amount can be adjusted.
  • Comes with the germicidal device by UV lamp and drainage solenoid valve to enhance the hygiene humidification.
  • FT-420S UVSV is for 1.8m width, FT-520S UVSV is for 2.4m width open showcase as a guide to install.

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