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Ultrasonic humidifier FT-C UVSV series

Ultrasonic humidifier for humidifying through partition.


    FT-C UVSV is built into equipment exclusively to humidification through a wall.

    It sucks inside air and send it back to the room with humidified.

    • For use through a partition in any temperature between -5 ℃ to 50 ℃ and max. humidity is 99% RH *.
    • Equipped with a dial to control fan volume.
    • Available for special applications like cold regions and high proportional control specification.
    • Suitable for refrigerated storage in backyard, food processing of meat and supplemental aging of fruits.
    • Comes with the germicidal device by UV lamp and drainage solenoid valve to enhance the hygiene humidification.
    • Further optional timer is available for regular drainage system.

    *If due condensation may cause in the duct hose, the hose shall be insulated.

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